Oil & Gas

Vira Control Tech has been providing engineered valves to the oil and gas industry. Since our establishment, we have constantly worked to make our valves the most reliable and repairable on the market. Today, our extensive range of ball, plug, control and automated valves are installed in a broad range of the oil and gas industry's toughest applications, from oil & gas sweetening refineries, stabilizing condensate, complete valve packages for LNG terminals and carriers to four-way switch ball valves for delayed coker units. Our installation base in all areas of the global oil and gas industry- from production to distribution to refining to petrochemicals- continues to grow.

In Vira Control Tech, all kinds of material combinations are available, depending on service conditions request. Products for corrosion and erosion resistance are available (such as valves for sour oil and gas service, fluids containing particles, etc).

It's also important to note that one of the most serious technical demands currently facing the valve manufacturing industry is controlling fugitive emissions, particularly from stem seals. Vira Control Tech is meeting this challenge in concrete, measurable ways. Vira Control Tech has devoted specific attention to the matter by equipping itself for fugitive emission testing of its valves in accordance with ISO 15848 – 1 (Prototype testing) and ISO 15848 – 2 (Production testing). Packing systems are also tested in accordance with the principles of API 622.

Vira Control Tech is one of leaders in manufacturing the high end range of special ball valves which are used in oil & gas plants; The valves with special high pressure (5000 to 15.000 PSI), high quality demand (PSL2 or PSL3 forged construction), special materials (stainless 13% Cr, F6NM, duplex steels, nickel alloys) and extreme service conditions (low temperature, anti-wearing internals).

A specific application related to oil and gas production are the valves installed on off-shore platforms and FPSO. Types and standards are similar if not identical to the valves used in the processing plants, with materials that have to consider marine environment (duplex steels instead of austenitic stainless steels) and sea water fluid. Subsea transmission lines foresee a wide use of ball Valves that have to resist to hyperbaric outside pressure environment (standard API 6DSS / ISO 14723). Vira Control Tech, facing this application is continuously upgrading its testing equipment to submit its products to various subsea installation conditions.

Valves are designed to meet the “piggable” requirement. The use of equipment launched in pipelines to clean the line (“pigs”) or measure the integrity of the wall thickness of the line (“smart pigs”) has become a standard in the industry.