Our experience over years on the valve industry is the key of our success and recognition, and we are proud to announce that we have reached the highest level in technology and production of valves. Modern equipment for manufacturing, inspection and testing guarantees the conformity to the most stringent specifications.

We pride ourselves on our experienced workforce, employing only the best machinists, programmers and manufacturing engineers in the industry. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are here to provide critical support for our client’s projects, using our facilities and experience to deliver our continued excellence both now and in the future.

Our facilities are equipped with up to date and professional machinery and our operations are using fully integrated and modern supporting ERP systems. This is securing a high level of control over all our process and services. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you as our valued customer.

Vira Control Tech is best known for its unique ability to manufacture high quality valves including ball valves, plug valves , control valves and automated valves. These valves range in size from ½” to 80” and are used in industrial applications.

We actively encourage our customers to visit our site; to come and witness firsthand the reinvestment we continue to make into our business. We are consistent in our approach to staff training, procuring the most technologically advanced machinery and creating opportunities by truly excelling.