Vira Control Tech works in collaboration with world leading research and development centers. This enables Vira Control Tech to offer the best customized engineering services in various fields: fluid-mechanical calculations, test benches, materials, mechanical design, welding procedures, plastics, coatings, etc.

Our goal is technical efficiency: our engineers are prepared to help customers to solve the most demanding applications and design challenges.

Training Plans 

Our close collaboration with customers leads to the development of a training plan for the staff responsible for the construction/installation, operation and maintenance of the plant. This training program addresses issues related to valves, actuators, regulation, etc., focusing on preventive maintenance and ensuring that the plant is as self-sufficient as possible.

The optimal maintenance of the equipment will also ensure an optimal service life of the valves. Training may be given on-site or on the premises of Vira Control Tech.

Commissioning Services

Vira Control Tech provides a wide range of services to support the clients. The objectives of these services are as follows:

  1. To minimize delays caused by incidents in reception, storage, installation and commissioning of the valves during the construction phase.
  2. To extend the service life of the valves once the plant is commissioned while avoiding any impact resulting from the construction phase.

These services follow approved procedures, which are developed in close collaboration with EPCs and approved by the end users. Once the process is completed, quality certificates are sent to customers.