Water & Waste Water

Vira Control Tech’s broad range of valves is ideally suited for long service life in abrasive and corrosive applications in the water and wastewater treatment industries. Water and waste water industry poses challenges to a valve manufacturer:

  • Reliability and long service life, while handling erosive and corrosive media
  • Ease of maintenance and quick maintenance support
  • A diverse product basket, with a huge variety in design standards, product types, size, pressure class and materials of construction

Vira Control Tech manufactures valves needed for water industries, desalination and wastewater treatment processes. Suitable for controlling the pressure and flow, Vira Control Tech valves range in sizes up to 80 inches for use with safeguarding large amounts of water. Manufactured in stainless or carbon steel, Vira Control Tech globe control, butterfly, and ball valves are designed for low or high pressure water applications.