Petrochemical & Chemical

Vira Control Tech is one of the leaders in valves for petrochemical complexes, product pipelines, tankages and terminals. Vira Control Tech has earned a reputation for reliability and performance at petrochemical and chemical industry.

In chemical industry there are various categories, products and complex technologies. Miscellaneous pollutants in large quantities and high toxicity are discharged during the production. Therefore, it’s vital for the chemical industry to achieve sustainable development and reduce harmful emissions. Vira Control Tech offers excellent products to meet requirements in chemical industry. Our valves own all applicable international accreditations and meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Vira Control Tech supplies the chemicals industry with valves for polymers such as polyethylene, k-resins, vinyl chloride, monomer, catalysts, crystals, and many other applications. Valves in sophisticated materials such as titanium, monel, and hastelloy are also supplied for corrosive acids, aromatic anhydride, sulphuric acid, ethylene dichloride, and others. Vira Control Tech is manufacturing advanced technology valves for applications such as coal liquefaction and gasification, cat and fluidized cat crackers, catalyst slurry, hot gases and hydrogen, UOP platforming service and catalyst regeneration, HF-alkylation, H-oil, olefin plants, and delayed coker plants.