We have the facilities and expertise to provide complete project solutions, which includes in house assessment, risk mitigation, raw material purchase, heavy precision machining, testing and inspections, for the most complex and critical applications. In order to stay competitive and viable in the market, we continually strive to be innovative and to continuously improve our processes.

Enviable Past, Bright Future

We are synonymous with high standards of precision manufacturing. We aim to build upon this reputation ensuring that we deliver our customer’s requirements now and in the future.

High Value Engineering

We provide high value engineering with our fully functioning skills base and industry capability that allows us and our customers to fulfil our potential and remain a key part of the global high value manufacturing marketplace.

Precision & Quality Assurance

We are an established ISO 9001 accredited business. Our improvement philosophy is used to monitor all processes to ensure quality in everything that we do.

Planning for Success

Our aim is to deliver each customer project on time by following an appropriate plan, producing world class products within an agreed budget.

Definitive HSE Goals

We ensure everyone is protected; employees, visitors, customers and the general public, by putting in place the most vigorous and robust health, safety and environmental management system.

Generating Excellence

Our success is based on delivering engineering excellence. When you see the lengths that we go to as a company to train young people, it’s easy to see why not all apprenticeships are equal.