Test and Inspection

We have an extensive range of equipment available for material verification and component performance and measurement. All of our processes are managed through a comprehensive library of procedures that allow for accurate and fluid inspection and testing processes.

Vira Control Tech has its own in-house testing department, all inspections and tests are performed by qualified and experienced personnel in line with project specifications and data sheets in order to satisfy our customers and their commitments expectations. A Quality Control Plan (QCP) and an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) appropriate to the scope of supply can be issued for client approval before starting of production activities.


Tests We Do

Inspection is undertaken throughout the stages of manufacture to ensure that we not only meet the requirements stipulated to us for a given project but in fact exceed them. whenever inspection (material, certificates, packing and marking etc.) is required, our quality department coordinates with your assigned inspection-agency. The tests we do are as following:

  • Pressure Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Non-Destructive Tests
  • Material Destructive Tests
  • Final Inspection of finished valves