Quality Assurance System

The company’s quality system is certified according to ISO 9001. All our activities follow the rules given by a management system for environment and safety, approved by third part, in accordance with EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The focus in the design, selection of suppliers, control of raw materials and components, the execution of the work, the accuracy in assembly and the severity of the performance tests for each supply are the guarantor for valid and reliable products.

Vira Control Tech proud of its products and has the ambition to act as a partner at the international level. To this end, the majority of its products not only meet the standards set by the Iran market, but also the requirements in major foreign countries. In our manufacturing area, we have our own quality control team to check any step of the product with the client’s requirement.




Vira Control Tech is particularly dedicated to ensure the quality of its products and processes. Vira Control Tech defines and issues a dedicated Quality Control Plan for each Order. This document provides the written set of procedures and quality controls that Vira Control Tech is going to deliver to meet customer’s expectations. The Quality Control Plan also identifies the organization and the team that will be responsible for quality controls, the specific procedures to be used, the quality assurance measures and the required documentation. Some of the controls that are normally included in the plan are presented in the chart:

Certificates and Approvals

  • Continually undergoing internal and external audits to ensure that Vira Control Tech meets customer requirements and fulfills international standards.
  • Every step, from purchase order receipt to delivery is in accordance with regulation stipulated in QA Manuals.
  • Certified under the ISO 9001 Standard and accredited by the most important external organizations in the market.

Inspection and Test

Vira Control Tech has its own in-house testing department, all inspections and tests are performed by qualified and experienced personnel in line with project specifications and data sheets in order to satisfy our customers and their commitments expectations. A Quality Control Plan (QCP) and an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) appropriate to the scope of supply can be issued for client approval before starting of production activities.

Tests We Do

  • Pressure Tests and Functional Tests
  • Non-Destructive Tests
  • Material Destructive Tests
  • Final Inspection of finished valves

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Laboratories - Test Lab

Vira Control Tech has a laboratory for testing, to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of our products. This laboratory performs mechanical tests, chemical analyses, Ferrite content, metallographic investigations and etc.

Also for corrosion resistance and other features of our products, we guarantee HIC, SSCC and Impact tests by outsourcing testing.